Advertise with Natural Homes to reach an environmentally conscious audience.


Because your company is dedicated to ethical and environmental practices we would like to invite you to reach a targeted audience of environmentally conscious consumers by advertising with Natural Homes.

A highly engaged audience

With over 2 million social media followers, 70,000 members and around 4 million article reads per month on our website, Natural Homes is a leading natural living brand.

Publishing daily in social media and on our website we feature articles about natural building, natural living and homesteading.

We are not just a publisher, we are a community too. We have a unique collection of natural living services to support our readers and members and we actively encourage skills and knowledge sharing in the community.

Our catalogue of articles is extensive and continually growing attracting ever more readers for you to reach.

We have unique advertising solutions that reward our advertisers with extra reach when they share their knowledge and skills with our growing membership.

A matrix of opportunities

Generally articles published in Natural Homes achieve around 3,000 Facebook likes within the first 24 hours. They provide a matrix of opportunities for you to reach our audience. The matrix is divided into content types (natural building, natural living & homesteading), engagement levels (introduction, lifestyle & learning) and language (English, Spanish & Russian).

The screenshot right is of a typical article, in this case a natural building lifestyle article in English. Our advertising offer has three approaches to serve three different advertisers: brand managers, environmental organisations and natural living practitioners. These are served by different advertising offers and delivered via different parts of the articles on our website.


Brand Managers

Bulleted regions '1' and '2' in the graphic above are standard advert placements delivered to our readers via Google's Double Click Ad Manager. This means we can target your advert in any country, at any time for any duration in the different content, engagement and language sections of our website. If you would like to advertise with us please write to or call skype ID: naturalhomes.

Environmental Organisations

We understand it can be difficult to reach a targeted audience so we support environmental organisation, often for FREE, by giving them a share, or exclusive use, of a language site wide advert in location '3'. If you do not have a suitable graphic we can help you design one for a small fee. If you would like to place an advert with us please write to Adverts in this service are ad-blocker proof.

The adverts right and far right are adverts we ran on for The Hillyfield, a woodland management organisations. The 300x250 and 160x600 adverts ran for 13 days on English speaking articles in the UK. We also provided advice on running their crowdfunding campaign that included access to our wide network of partners and members.


Natural Living Practitioners

Natural Homes hosts Natural Living Experts for providers of natural building, natural living and homesteading products and services. The experts are regularly publicised to our website readers and over 2 million social media followers. An expert gets a yearly allowance of audience reach but can also earn additional reach by contributing their knowledge and skills to our members.

Region '4' of each article (see above) serves our experts by randomly feeding an expert's thumbnail advert amongst our article thumbnails. In addition to the random feed which may appear at location 'b' we can force an impression of the expert's thumbnail at location 'a' when we share an article with our social media readers. This means all visitors to the article from social media will be presented with the expert's thumbnail, above the fold, at location 'a'.