A straw bale home with views over fields and the Susquehanna River...


With a view over fields and the Susquehanna River this palatial straw bale home was built after years of careful searching and planning by David Kin who calls it La Casa de Da'vid. For David it was a long journey and the seed for a community centre to Native American philosophy with a touch of Dharmic; spot the Om [] symbol.






With some initial design support from Sigi Koko at Build Naturally, David spent seven years of evenings and weekends working on the 4,000 square foot (370m2) straw bale house with help from local artisans and craftsmen. The house is in Hellam Township, Pennsylvania, USA built from clay, straw, bamboo, cork, stone and roundwood with a green roof of desert sedums that can be reached from the first floor, a design feature recommended by Christopher Alexander in Pattern No.118.

[Thanks to photographer Sean Maxwell for the pictures].