Off-grid solar shower at Channel Rock, Canada


Showering outdoors is a wonderful experience. You don't only shower in water but in the scent of flowers too.

This is a passive solar shower at Channel Rock, a conservation and permaculture ecoVillage centre on Cortes Island in Canada. The water tank, which is heated by a solar panel on the left, is in the shingled tower behind the wattle shower cubicle.


There are two types of passive solar heating; a storage tank that collects heat directly from the sun or a heater which uses convection, known as a thermosiphon, to heat the water tank.

The thermosiphon uses a solar water heater panel to collect heat from the sun and move water against gravity into an insulated water tank.

You can see how this works in the video above right where a splash of red dye shows how the water circulates though the storage tank.


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