Our group 'Talking Natural Homes' is moving to a safer social platform ...


Our groups and pages have been hosted in Facebook since 2011 but in 2018 Facebook began to delete pages and groups that relate to natural living and alternative lifestyles. As a consequence, in June of 2018 our English language Facebook page with over 800,000 followers was unfairly closed by Facebook.

For details about the history of this purge please read the article Facebook deleting independent publisher pages and our story in a note called, How we lost 800,000 followers which we would request you share with your friends.

To protect our community of some 80,000+ members we are gradually migrating our services to the Minds platform. Minds upholds the Electronic Frontier Foundation's digital bill of rights that protect users from the censorship of companies like Facebook who are too heavily influenced by political and commercial organisations. Here's a video (from May 2018) about Social Media Alternatives.

The first group to be migrated will be our natural building group 'Talking Natural Homes'. If you don't want to lose touch with the community there then please join the Minds version of the group. The link is displayed below beside the Minds logo.


Talking Natural Homes

We don't propose to abandon Facebook but it would be irresponsible of us not to take precautionary action should Facebook remove our groups from their platform as they have with other communities. The migration process will take time, possible up to a year before we have moved all the valuable knowledge from Facebook to Minds and other open source platforms we are considering. We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. We still intend to have a presence on Facebook but we cannot guarantee our content and services are safe there.

If you have any questions please write to oliver@naturalhomes.org or oliver.swann